Year-Round Beer

King Street Brown Ale

The milk chocolate and hazelnut malt profile in this brown ale blends seamlessly with a mild English hop presence. Finishing dry with just enough bitterness to balance is what makes this beer perfect for pairing with a variety of foods.


IBU’s 32                        12.5°P                        abv 5.5%


King Street in Seattle is most famous for the King Street Station, an ending point a transcontinental rail line. Already in 1893, hops grown in Washington supplied essential ingredients for the beer industry and were transported along this line.  Today, Schooner EXACT pays homage to this vibrant street, now known not only for the train station but also the plethora of small Asian shops and a frequent bicycle commuting route for Seattle cyclists. Ride your bike! Drink beer!

Available Formats:


mini growler

22oz bottle