Seasonal Beer

emerald iPa

Mosaic hops greet you with lots of tropical fruit aroma, moving into a low bitterness on the palette. Lots of late hop additions ensure a large citrus hop flavor in the finish. A refreshing, light-bodied beer with low ABV, this is a perfect warm weather beer. The third in our Homegrown Series, Emerald is brewed using Washington grown barley and hops. We support local farming through local brewing.


IBU’s 35                          10.11°P                         abv 4.7%


Homegrown series

Support Local Farming through Local Brewing-

Beers in the Homegrown Series are brewed with Washington base malts and use only Washington-grown hops. It's our way of supporting Washington agriculture and celebrating the flavors of the Northwest.

Available Formats:


mini growler

22oz bottle

12oz can