Year-Round Beer

Schooner EXACT

Golden Ale

Clear and golden, this beer is built on a clean base of toasty malts. A subtle fruitiness compliments a light sweetness, floral notes and great soft malt balance. The taste lingers with a soft bitterness in the finish.


IBU’s 28                         11.5°P                         abv 5.5%




The major gateway for miners en route to strike it rich in the Alaskan Gold Rush, was the fair city of Seattle. The city's ability to meet the needs of those early entrepreneurs, while enticing a few to stay along the way (See Seamstress Union), provided the prosperity needed to reinvigorate growth after the Great Fire of 1889 and economic Panic of 1893. Schooner EXACT's golden ale serves not only as a gateway to golden bliss, but also as a gateway for lighter beer drinkers to the full flavor and quality that brewing on a small scale can provide.

Available Formats:


mini growler