Specialty Beer



limited releases

our brewers like innovation. Here are some examples of previous limited releases. Check out our taproom for current offerings and specifications.


Amarillo Saison

Brewed as a limited release, this saison greets you with passion fruit aroma on the nose with a hint of spice. A very dry saison, with lots of fruit and spice flavor and pronounced lingering bitterness on the end.


IBU’s 40                         12.0°P                           abv 5.6%


Schwartzbier, aka Dark Lager aka “May the Schwartz Be With You”

The Schwartzbier makes a come back, perfect for those days you want something dark, but still light bodied. The dark lager greets with fruity notes on the nose, followed by  lightly roasted malt flavors in the mouth.

IBU’s 23                        11.4°P                             abv 5.0%



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