Year-Round Beer

Profanity Hill Porter

Blending seven different malts to produce flavors of chocolate and walnuts, this rich mahogany porter has subtle fruity notes. A moderate bitterness balances the roasted malt, and a dry finish carries through to the end.


IBU’s 33                         12.5°P                         abv 5.5%




Back in Seattle, before the regrades, the landscape was even hillier than today. There was a streetcar that would run from 1st Avenue up to the courthouses on 5th. This being back in the day, the streetcar was known to break down on a frequent basis. This caused all the lawyers to have to hike up the hill to the courthouse in their heavy robes. Lawyers being the loquacious people that they are, had a tendency to swear the whole time they were hiking. Hence the hill was dubbed, profanity hill.

Available Formats:


mini growler

22oz bottle